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We manufacture Australian mining belt buckles in two styles – 3D and 2D.

Most belt buckles created for the mining industry are in the 3D style.

They commonly feature mining machinery set in a mining environment with a sculptured finish.

Images are raised up from the surface of the belt buckle to create an impressive three dimensional scene.

Belt buckles made in the 2D style have the image sunk down into the face of the buckle.

They are less dramatic and impressive than the 3D versions.

However this finish is ideal for displaying a logo, and for some text.

Our Step-by-Step guide to ‘Designing a Belt Buckle’ shows you a sample belt buckle being designed and manufactured for the United Group.
In ‘Manufacturing a Belt Buckle’ we take you through the whole process of creating custom belt buckles in the foundry.






  • Working out how your belt buckle might look is the crucial first step of the design phase.

  • • Look at the many choices for belt buckle frames. This might help you start to develop ideas for your buckle.

  • • Most belt buckles are planned around a certain idea or event that you want to celebrate or commemorate. You can then add your company logo and some text.

  • • A telephone call with one of our expert team is part of the design phase.

  • • Scan or email a hand drawn sketch of your thoughts and send it to us at This is a great way to get the creative juices flowing and give us an idea of the concept you have in mind.

  • • We carry a large range of images that might help you, and we have years of experience in designing many kinds of superb belt buckles.



Photographs are the most common way to send information about the image you want to use.

  • • Digital photo files need to be in a high-resolution format (2-3 MB in size).

  • • Small jpg files taken from websites are not suitable for artists to use in this sort of detailed design work.

  • • Logo files should be in eps format preferably. In many cases we will already hold your company logo from previous projects. If not our designers can help create the correct vector art for your logo if you are not able to obtain it.

  • • We are flexible and will assist you in any way possible, so discuss your situation with us.




On receipt of your order our art department draws up finished art for your approval.

  • • This is based on the information that you have sent through to us.

  • • We work closely with you to get it right. Remember, our art department can only work with the images you have supplied.




  • Nothing begins until we receive your written approval for the final artwork.

  • This is your guarantee that your instructions will be followed exactly.

  • • Review your design carefully to ensure all details are correct - especially spelling and dates! Once you sign off our craftsmen will follow the approved artwork precisely.

  • • In the factory the master craftsmen take over to produce the finished item - your unique custom-made belt buckle.

  • • Visit our section on ‘Manufacturing a Belt Buckle’ to see how this takes place.




When it comes to gift giving, how it looks on the outside matters first!

Each custom belt buckle is carefully hand packed into one of our smart presentation tins and each tin is
cello wrapped.

  • 1. The tins are then packaged in sturdy cartons, in quantities and sizes designed to be easy to
    manage when they arrive at your office or depot. *

  • 2. Finally we ship to you– wherever you are!

  • *See the side bar information under Packaging for carton sizes and quantities.